Funda-Polymer Clay Peach Earrings


This stunning earrings features a peach colour disc.

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This Polymer Clay Peach Earrings:

  • Polymer clay
  • Surgical stainless steel earposts (length 3.5 cm App)

Funda has found an outlet for her talent and a way to contribute financially to her family. She taught some watercolor painting workshops at Sisterworks last year and she makes jewellery with polymer clay.

Funda arrived in Australia with her husband and daughter in September 2017. She moved from Istanbul, where she worked in historical restoration. With experience in an industry that relies upon ancient art and architecture, moving to Australia was a big adjustment for Funda. Funda cannot work in historical restoration in Australia because the country is so young – our oldest buildings are less than 300 years old. She plans to enrol in an architecture degree or work in conservation in the future, but for now, she is happily learning English, caring for her seven-year-old daughter, and applying her artistic skills to SisterWorks projects.

Funda is a talented watercolor painter with an incredible eye for detail. She paints beautiful cards and sells them in the store, but her main goal at SisterWorks is to improve her English. When Funda arrived in Australia her spoken English was very basic, so she immediately enrolled in a conversation class. There, she met Soofia, who introduced her to the SisterWorks community. Now, SisterWorks serves as a substitute for conversation classes. Funda contributes by sewing dolls and painting cards, enjoying the opportunity to speak and listen during her days at SisterWorks. Her English is improving incredibly quickly and she has become an integral character in the SisterWorks family.

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