Petronia- Large Hoop Earrings


Burundi fashion earrings.


“My name is Petronia and I come from Burundi. I came to Australia in 2005 with my family and husband. I have eight children. One boy lives in America, one girl lives in Canada. Recently I went to America and Canada to visit them”.

Petronia lives in Australia and come to SisterWorks every Wednesday. And I take a class in sewing with RMIT.

“I do that Monday and Tuesday. I’m lucky: SisterWorks showed me how to sew bags for laptops. I’m lucky, and very, very happy. I also make baskets sometimes. When SisterWorks calls me, I’ll go to markets and try and sell them. SisterWorks, for showing me how to sell my things and make money. I am very, very happy!

I have started print-making, so that I can focus on design as well as production. I make the stamps from timber, and stamp paint onto fabric which I then use to sew products. I have started to make dresses, skirts, pants, iPad cases and shopping bags. I am still making laptop bags, in mixed colours and different materials. I have launched my new collection in the SisterWorks store.

I have just started learning to make bags from firm paper in the SisterWorks design lab. I have also begun painting pots for the pot plants for sale in the store.

I am always looking to develop my skills and create new products.”

These earrings are:

Diameter: 8cm

Length: 8.5 cm

Weight: 5 gr

Additional information

Weight 0.07 kg
Dimensions 9.5 × 7 × 2 cm

Red, Green, Beige


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