Reusable Un- Sponge


The Un-Sponge is an eco-friendly replacement or disposable sponges.

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The Un-Sponge is an eco-friendly replacement or disposable sponges. Our Un-Sponge is made by a top layer of natural unbleached bamboo and inside a natural layer of bamboo/cotton mould resistant with a beautiful crochet finished.

NOTE: Soak in water and use it as a normal sponge; This product is compostable; To clean hand wash in cold water and all dry. Assorted crochet finished.


  • 16x 11cm
  • 22 gr
  • Assorted cotton crochet coloured

* To order more than 15 items please email Maria at

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Sisterworks mission is to enable migrant refugee and asylum seeker women to have the opportunity to be confident, independent and learn new social and vocational skills to improve their economic outlook


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Dimensions 16 × 11 cm


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