Satomi – Hand Dyed Ajak


Ajrak is special hand dyed & block printed fabric found in Sindh region in Pakistan.



Satomi is from Nagasaki, Japan. Satomi worked in a various office environments, receptionist, admin and executive assistant roles, she learnt how to speak English while she was in Canada as a High School exchange student and later on when she arrive to Australia in 2009.

Satomi’s main products are her traditional hand woven accessories: “I choose this to be my first product as I could include meaning to it. The weave has meaning of ‘connecting people’ and ‘good luck’; it became my tool to connect to people and connect to core in my heart again. Not just a accessories but accessories with meaning”. 

“It is privilege to show and introduce my culture to people, as when I arrived here it was a very welcoming environment. I want to give back to this community that welcomed me. Coming here and meeting people with a welcoming attitude really helped me. I want to remember this and what everyone has done for me, so that I can connect with other people and support them”.

About this product:

What is AJRAK?

Ajrak is special hand dyed and block printed fabric found in Sindh region in Pakistan. The history of the Ajrak can be traced back to the Indus Valley civilisations that existed around 2500 BC-1500 BC. Ajrak is much more than just a piece of fabric for Sindhis, it is a symbol of pride; respect and glory.

Traditional textile:

Ajrak making is believed to be one of the most ancient form of hand-block printing arts uses 21 stages of traditional method. This exclusive Ajrak infinity scarf is made by cotton & fleece.

Care instruction:

Hand wash or gentle machine wash in cold water and mild soap


Length 75 cm



Additional information


Blue, Red


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