Beeswax Food Wrap 3pk


Keep your produce fresh for longer with this environmentally friendly option

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Keep your food fresh with this natural alternative. Made with 100% recycled cotton, local beeswax, jojoba oil, and natural pine resin, our products contain antibacterial properties and are fully compostable.

Care for me and I will last forever unlike single-use plastic that will end up in the landfill or polluting our oceans. Simply rinse your Beeswax Food Wrap in cold water and air dry.

Beeswax is flammable. Keep away from heat sources (dishwasher, hot water, ovens, stoves or microwaves).

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*The SisterWorks label products are all made in the Design Lab programs by Sister Entrepreneurs who are refugees, asylum seekers, and newly arrived migrants. 50% of the profits from SisterWorks label products go directly to the women who made them, with the other 50% being reinvested into SisterWorks. By purchasing SisterWorks label products you allow us to support more women to develop their confidence and skills to move into the workforce.

Where possible, we aim to use recycled, organic and fair-trade materials.

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