Reusable Produce Bags – Fruit & Veggies


Reusable, sustainable, fruit and veggies waste-free bags.

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Sisterworks reusable bags are perfect for fruit and veggies, and keeping your things organised. All our produce bags are handmade with recycled materials that have been donated to us. This means that each bag in your set may differ slightly in materials and that each bag is unique!

Contains: 3 produce bags

Dimensions: 28 cm x 32 cm


  • White regal
  • Fastened with elastic
  • Where possible, we aim to use recycled, organic and fair-trade materials.

NOTE: Care for me and I will last forever unlike single-use plastic that will end up in the landfill or polluting our oceans. Simply rinse your Reusable Produce Bags in cold water and air dry.

Caution: Avoid washing in hot water as this can cause shrinkage.

* To order more than 20 items please email us at

50% of the profit from this product supports the refugee and migrant women who made it. 

M A D E   W I T H   L O V E   L O C A L L Y   E T H I C A L L Y      

Through work and entrepreneurship, SisterWorks mission is to support women who are refugees, asylum seekers or migrants so they can improve their confidence, mental wellbeing, sense of belonging and economic outlook.

Produce bags

Produce bags

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