Vanessa – Gemstones Necklace


Vanessa designs have a unique Boho style inspired by her home country, México.



My name is Vanessa, and I came to Australia in 2015 from Mexico. I started making jewellery with natural stones when I was 14 years old, and built up a business with my mum who taught me about design. Together, we worked in a popular market in Guadalajara in Mexico for around 10 years.

After arriving in Australia, my friend Pamela recommended that I come to SisterWorks. With my brand ‘CocoKanela Design’, I have a range of boho jewellery pieces such as necklaces and earrings, using natural gemstones sourced from Mexico. SisterWorks has allowed me to continue on my design pathway and sell my boho Mexican style in markets.

All of my designs are fun and full of colour, connecting women with the energy of the earth. I believe that the energy of the earth in natural stones can support us on our path in life; that is the most beautiful part of working with elements of nature. My vision is for CocoKanela Design to become a leading player in the semiprecious stone accessories market, in Mexico and Australia, working and empowering women to achieve their dreams creating more beauty in the world.

This pendants:

Length : 34 cm

Material: Sterling silver chain

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg

Quartz, Turquoise, Blue Stone, Amethyst


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