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Naturally elegant, these exquisite pearl pendants are the perfect combination of sophisticated and unique.

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Vanessa Gatica is from Mexico and loves to design Boho jewellery using gemstones. Her brand is called CocoKanela Design. Vanessa has long been passionate about fashion and style, having learned to make jewellery with natural stones when she was just 14 years old; “I built up a business with my mum who taught me to design and we worked together in Guadalajara, Mexico for around 10 years”.

Vanessa arrived to Australia in November 2015 with her husband: “We met in Mexico and decided to start our family in Australia. It was a strong emotional change for me, and it made me feel overwhelmed. It felt like I had to start all over again, but since I found SisterWorks I am very happy because I can continue on my design pathway and I am so excited to sell my Boho Mexican style in Melbourne markets”.
Vanessa would like to continue growing her business and having fun creating new designs. The unique Boho style of her jewellery is inspired by her home country, México.
“All my designs are fun and full of colour, connecting women with the energy of the earth. I believe that the energy of the earth in the natural stones is there to support us in our pathway in life; that is the most beautiful part of working with elements of nature”…
Features of this pendant:
  • Weight: 2.55g
  • Length: 26.5 cm
  • Material: Sterling silver chain

Vanessa Rene

Vanessa Gatica

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 5 cm

Quartz, Grey Pearl


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