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Leaf earrings made by Victoria. Enjoy her collection.

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Victoria comes from Burundi; “I spent a year as a refugee camp before I was granted residency in Tanzania”, she immigrated to Australia with her husband and child. Victoria makes and sells her jewellery; “I am really pleased to have been developing skills and learning more about small business here in Australia. In Tanzania there is no such thing as Centrelink, so I have always had the mindset that I need to find a way to sustain my own living. So I taught myself how to make jewellery. I can’t grow food here, I have to buy it, so I needed to find a way to pay for food”.

It was her mother-in-law that connected her with SisterWorks, which enable her to connect to many other women.

Victoria chose to learn a craft that can do in her own time and at home around the times that suits her family. It’s the right kind of job for a working mum.  Victoria jewellery is sold in Sisterworks stores and markets.


  • Bronce
  • Aluminium

Find more of her jewellery here:

Victoria Minani

Victoria Minani

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