Work Empowers Women
Meet the Sisters who began their journeys with SisterWorks to empower themselves physically, emotionally and financially through handmade foods and crafts

SisterWorks Entrepreneurs

Alejandra, Chile

“I am so happy and independent now, and I want to say thanks to SisterWorks for this big change—to make me an entrepreneur and an empowered woman”

SisterWorks Entrepreneurs

Alia, Pakistan

“With SisterWorks I am starting to understand what we need to set up a proper business in Australia”

Ana Maria (Chille) SisterWorks Entrepreneurs

Ana Maria, Chile

“SisterWorks has helped me for the rest of my life. Luz helped me to become strong and independent. This is best for me?

Bee SisterWorks Entrepreneurs

Bee, Angola

“I don’t know how far I will go, but if I can become successful, it would be amazing. I have discovered a new passion—selling my products”

Betty SisterWorks Entrepreneurs

Betty, Liberia

“Maybe tomorrow I will be a successful business person. I hope that I will have my own shop and that people in Australia will work for me. And then I will help other poor people perhaps newcomers to Australia, or people back home”

Carolina SisterWorks Entrepreneurs

Carolina, Chile

“Since I came, great things have been coming into my life at the right time. It has been wonderful to participate in here. I realized now about my dreams and new challenges to undertake”

Andy SisterWorks Entrepreneurs

Andy, Hong Kong

“I have made friends through SisterWorks, and their volunteers taught me to use the sewing machine. My English skills have also developed, and SisterWorks has pushed me to learn to drive in Australia”

SisterWorks Entrepreneurs

Anna, Thailand

“My experience with SisterWorks has been really good. I’ve gotten to know more people. I am more confident about travelling around”

Anu SisterWorks Entrepreneurs

Anu, India

“I don’t know how far I will go, but if I can become successful, it would be amazing. I have discovered a new passion—selling my products”

Elizabeth SisterWorks Entrepreneurs

Elizabeth, Ukraine

“I am very glad I met Luz, because I don’t feel alone at SisterWorks. Every week we talk, laugh, and share stories”

Enastin SisterWorks Entrepreneurs

Enastin, Sri Lanka

“You work for money for most of the time, and after some time you get fed up and think what am I doing with my life”

Evelyne SisterWorks Entrepreneurs

Evelyne, Burundi

“I like SisterWorks because, whenever I have a question or need help, I ask somebody at SisterWorks and somebody can help”

Fatuma SisterWorks Entrepreneurs

Fatuma, Congo

“I am so happy to come here and to learn different things, to meet other people from different countries, to try something new. So I really like it”

Flavia Zara, Brazil SisterWorks Entrepreneurs

Flavia, Brazil

“SisterWorks is the support that I need to practice English, to show my arts, meet people and build my new network of contacts”

SisterWorks Entrepreneurs

Florence, Congo

“SisterWorks can offer opportunities to women that are suffering at home with a lot of problems”

Funda SisterWorks Entrepreneurs

Funda, Turkey

“SisterWorks is my conversation class. I’m not talking too much, but I am listening always”

Juomana Sharaf, Syria SisterWorks Entrepreneurs

Juomana, Syria

“I’ve just started on my SisterWorks journey, but I really like it. Everyone has been very helpful”

Lak SisterWorks Entrepreneurs

Lak, Sri Lanka

“At SisterWorks there are more sisters and there’s more company. There’s more belongingness”

Lhakpa SisterWorks Entrepreneurs

Lhakpa, Tibet

“I’ve had lots of experience from SisterWorks and so many opportunities. I think it is very good for me and it’s helpful for my family”

SisterWorks Entrepreneurs

Macarena, Chile

“My ultimate goal is to create a sustainable program for SisterWorks… I always go back to what my grandma and mum taught us…”

SisterWorks Entrepreneurs

Maria Cecelia, Brazil

“It’s work, but it doesn’t feel like work. It is a very positive environment here because we talk and chat, you know, it’s very relaxing”

Maria (Burundi) SisterWorks Entrepreneurs

Maria, Burundi

“As our eldest Sister, she has become an invaluable member of the SisterWorks family. Her smile and words of affection have filled a big part of our lives”

Mariseline SisterWorks Entrepreneurs

Mariseline, Burundi

“I’ve improved my skills because I learn more and more through SisterWorks. Different people help me”

 SisterWorks Entrepreneurs

Mary, Sri Lanka

“I come here, I have a happy feeling”

milia SisterWorks Entrepreneurs

Milia, Brazil

“I talk with the ladies. Out of my two and a half years of being here in Australia, being at SisterWorks has been the best part”

Nima (Iran) SisterWorks Entrepreneurs

Nima, Iran

“Most importantly, SisterWorks has helped me extend my social network, where I’ve made new friends”

Pamela SisterWorks Entrepreneurs

Pamela, Chile

“You meet lots of people, your English improves, you make contacts, you learn how to sell. This is what SisterWorks has done for me”

Petronia SisterWorks Entrepreneurs

Petronia, Burundi

“Thank you, SisterWorks, for showing me how to sell my things and make money. I am very, very happy”

SisterWorks Entrepreneurs

Rajula, India

“I’m using SisterWorks as a stockist for my jewellery. I would like to make a brand out of my jewellery”

Saida SisterWorks Entrepreneurs

Saida, Rwanda

“SisterWorks has helped me a lot. Now I feel like I have a family again. This family support helps me when I feel lonely”

Satomi SisterWorks Entrepreneurs

Satomi, Japan

“I am very interested in both culture as well as artistic design, and Melbourne is the best place to do both of these things”

SisterWorks Entrepreneurs

Sido, Congo

“All the profit from the clothes I sell here pay for the cost of sending clothes to the children. My business is a charity to help them”

SisterWorks Entrepreneurs

Soofia, Iran

“I came here, met friends. When you are new to a city, it is nice to have new people to know”

SisterWorks Entrepreneurs

Tsepak, Tibet

“I would like to make my own jewellery as I did in India”

Tsering SisterWorks Entrepreneurs

Tsering, Tibet

“I feel much happier having joined SisterWorks. I now can talk to other women and make new friends. This fills me with energy”

Vajiheh SisterWorks Entrepreneurs

Vajiheh, Iran

“Life in Australia has been great for me, I am only disappointed I didn’t find SisterWorks earlier!”

vanessa SisterWorks Entrepreneurs

Vanessa, Mexico

“I have been selling many products in the store, and in the future, I would like to continue to expand my business”

SisterWorks Entrepreneurs

Victoria, Tanzania

“I come to Sisterworks to drop off the things I make, but also I come to just chat. This to me is important”

Yassah SisterWorks Entrepreneurs

Yassah, Liberia

“There are much sickness and homelessness all over the world, and I hope to be able to establish myself so that I may be able to help orphaned children”

Zahra SisterWorks Entrepreneurs

Zahra, Kenya

“I am grateful to meet other ladies from different parts of the world trying to help each other and the rest of the community”

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