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Rajula, India



“I’m using SisterWorks as a stockist for my jewellery. I would like to make a brand out of my jewellery.”

My name is Rajula and I am from India. Ten years ago I moved to New Zealand, and three and a half years ago I came to Australia as a New Zealand citizen. From India, adjusting to life in New Zealand was challenging, we had to gear up a little bit moving to Australia. We moved here as a family with my two children, because there are more opportunities in Australia.

The culture was totally different in New Zealand but we knew quite a few Indians who guided us. In about six months we felt totally at home, people in New Zealand are very accepting, the same is the case in Australia. We are regarded as individuals. Both countries we are very indebted to.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts and have been painting my whole life. My father is a renowned artist in India, and to me a source of inspiration always.

I started painting wine glasses, coasters and candle holders in New Zealand, and sold them at a craft mall that sells locally made things. Tourists usually go there. In Australia, I didn’t have a market for my things. I took a job in a jewellery store, working there for two and a half years. I had a bit of a break when the store was relocating and after selling jewellery I have been inspired to do something of my own.

I used to paint on fabrics, but two and a half years ago I started off with jewellery. I’ve always been fascinated with jewellery, I wanted to give my own touch to jewellery, not like something that is already around. In this way people can wear art, another aspect to art, being able to adorn yourself in artwork.

My jewellery is all hand painted, beads and pendants. I string beads into necklaces, and ensure they all have something hand-painted. Since I have been making jewellery I’ve been looking for outlets to sell. When SisterWorks popped up, I became interested and emailed them, and got a fairly quick response.

I’ve been taking part in design labs and workshops since August 2017, also using SisterWorks as a stockist for my jewellery. I would like to make a brand out of my jewellery. I don’t know how far I can be successful, but I would like a sort of brand, different from everything, a new kind of thing. I’m staying to become involved in artists markets, talking directly to customers, try to find things to suit them, and adapt. It is a learning process for me as well.

We have literally started from scratch everywhere, I am thankful to the people around. and people who have helped me out. There is still a long way to go.

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