Event and keynote speakers

You can support us by inviting our keynote speakers to be part of your next event.

Hear our entrepreneurs stories and learn about the life journey of our CEO, Luz Restrepo, or another of our talented sister Entrepreneurs.

Our sessions will discuss what led our entrepreneurs to Australia and the inspirational path of entrepreneurship they are now on. We will speak about the challenges our women overcome to become the strong, courageous women that they are today.

To book a speaker for your next event please email


Fundraise for us is a great way to support our sisters.

Host a fundraising event, whether at school, work or with friends you can coordinate fun runs, dress-up days, movie nights, sporting adventures, art exhibitions.

If you have an idea you’d like to discuss, need advice or have any question in regards to fundraising for SisterWorks, please contact our team at

Pop-up shops

Hosting a SisterWorks Pop Up Shop is an opportunity for you and your guests to buy unique, ethical and sustainable products.

You can support women of refugee, asylum seeker, and migrant backgrounds by hosting your pop-up shop.

We firmly believe that “Work Empowers Women.” Therefore, rather than becoming beneficiaries, women become our business partners. We together develop and sell marketable products with 50 to 75 percent of the profits going to our entrepreneurs and the remainder going back into the organisation for reinvestment. Through this approach, we work together to create a better future for our Australian society.

We provide:
– 1 volunteer
– 2 Entrepreneurs
– Products Handmade with love in Melbourne. Homewares, kitchenwares, preserves, body products, toys, accessories and jewellery

We require:
– Trestle table
– Chairs
– Send information about the event to the employees

To book your pop-up shop please contact us:

Promotional products & gifts

You can support our entrepreneurs by ordering your tote bag now.

We offer a range of promotional and conference gifts, all handmade with love and passion in Melbourne by entrepreneur women.

Our range:

  • Tote bags (custom logos can be printed for an additional fee/2 months lead time required)
  • Beeswax wraps
  • Stamped wooden kitchen utensils
  • Hand stamped tea towels
  • Packaged foods
  • Candles
  • Natural body products
  • Greeting cards
  • Sister Entrepreneurs’ own products (one-of-a-kind jewellery, accessories, toys and homewares)
  • Hampers

To discuss your corporate/conference gift needs please email or call us on 03 9972 5039.

To order please contact us at

Workshops and training

Private workshops

You can host your own workshop. We deliver private workshops at your workplace, community centre or school.

Hire our sister entrepreneurs to bring their workshop to you! We can customise your experience based on the time-frame that you have available – running singular or multiple sessions.

Our prices vary depending on the location, number of attendees, number of sessions and materials required at your workshop. To book or enquire please email us at

Open to the public

Our sister entrepreneurs regularly run workshops from the SisterWorks home at 393 Swan St, Richmond. For more information visit experiences.

Workshops at SisterWorks

Our sister entrepreneurs can also host a private workshop for groups of up to 10 people from the SisterWorks home in Richmond. Please contact us at

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