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Shivani Bibhuti

Shivani Bibhuti, India

Digital Marketing Producer

Shivani is a Digital Marketing Producer for SisterWorks, a role that demands high-level skills and expertise in marketing and customer engagement. She has an impressive educational background, having earned a Master of Applied Marketing from Monash University and a Bachelor in Design from NIFT.

Throughout her professional career, Shivani has exhibited her proficiency in strategic marketing, customer engagement, and digital marketing. She has worked on numerous projects that have demonstrated her experience in these areas. In her current position, Shivani is tasked with establishing new digital channels, expanding the social enterprise businesses of SisterWorks, and driving customer acquisition through innovative and data-driven social media marketing and online campaigns.

Shivani is a passionate advocate for women’s empowerment, and this passion has been evident since she can remember. She has volunteered for several impactful projects in the past that have brought meaningful changes to the lives of vulnerable women and children. Her unwavering dedication to the cause of women’s empowerment has led her to SisterWorks, where she is thrilled to put her marketing and design skills to use in service of her passion every day.

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