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Welcome to the SisterWorks Shop, where you can buy the handmade-with-love creations made by our Sisters.

SisterWorks was born in 2013, with the goal of changing the lives of migrants, asylum seekers and refugee women all around Melbourne, women who have come to Australia from various backgrounds for many different reasons. And now, they need to learn how to start again in a new country. They are often faced with a variety of challenges that are limiting their inclusion in Australian society, such as low level English, no work experience, low confidence, domestic violence and isolation.

SisterWorks support these women (our Sisters) to tackle these challenges, by teaching new skills and helping them to build their confidence, mental wellbeing and giving them a sense of belonging. Through our Learn by Doing workshops, we teach them design, craft, cooking, sales and entrepreneurship, and through our shop (online and at our headquarters in Richmond) we sell their beautiful products, handmade with love.

This process helps them to understand how to work in Australia, whilst learning to manage their finances, improve their confidence and abilities. 50% of all profits supports to the Sister who made this products.

You can buy our beautiful, handcrafted products directly from our shop, knowing you are helping to make a positive social impact today.

Because work empowers women

Visit us at 296 Bridge Road, 3121 Richmond

Visit us at 141 Sydney Road, 3056 Brunswick

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