Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

Booking a Sister Speaker at your next corporate, educational or empowerment event will be a truly unique and uplifting experience.

“Through work and entrepreneurship, SisterWorks’ mission is to support women who are refugees, asylum seekers or migrants so they can improve their confidence, mental well-being, sense of belonging and economic outlook. 

Our vision is an Australia where all migrant women are given the opportunity to become economically empowered”.

Hear the stories of our inspiring Sisters
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Our Sisters are at the forefront of everything we do, and SisterWorks is fortunate to witness and actively support their courageous development from a newly arrived refugee, asylum seeker or migrant, into a skilled and resourceful individual with the confidence and independence to build their new life in Australia. 

Our Sisters are an inspiration to listen to with their colourful personalities, and their ability to convey their profound personal experiences to diverse audiences. They can turn your next corporate event into an interactive and insightful session.

Fuelled by their passion to use speaking as an educational and empowering tool, they also believe it is vital to engage with the younger generation at schools and universities.

Audiences will gain a renewed understanding of the life-altering experiences of migrant women, and a deep appreciation for their perseverance to rebuild their lives with the support of SisterWorks.

Our Speakers

Our Sisters will enlighten you with stories about their home country, their culture, the journey to Australia, and their experience restarting life in a new country and community with limited resources.

They will share their personal pathways towards regaining their self-confidence and independence through economic empowerment. 

Their speaking engagements have covered a wide range of industry including community organisations, youth-led & women’s organisations, wellness companies, corporate, consultancy, architecture and legal firms, fair trade social enterprises, city councils and high schools.

Our Sisters will describe their partnership with SisterWorks, and how they have collaboratively built their skills, confidence, mental well-being, and economic outlook to sustain them for the present and into the future.

Learning by Doing

Our present achievements and future ambitious plans are possible because we are a growing community of remarkable human beings, who are strengthened by working together and sharing experiences and complementary talents.

  • Sister- 30 minutes speaking + Q&A
  • CEO & Sister- 45 minutes conversation + Q&A
  • CEO- 30 minutes speaking + Q&A

From the asylum seeker, refugee or migrant experience to the path of entrepreneurship, each SisterWorks speaker has a unique and inspiring story to share”.

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