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What is women empowerment and why do we need it?

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At SisterWorks we can say women empowerment and gender equality has proven to be positive for the Australian economy, for businesses, for local communities, for families, for men and women.

Women empowerment is so important. Women are happier when they are economically independent, when they are in charge of their own lives. Empowerment is about learning a skill,  connecting with others, gaining working experience and settling down in Australia!

According to the gender indicators*, fewer women are in the working market than men, women earn less and women aged 55-64 have less superannuation than men. We need women empowerment.

SisterWorks supports women to become independent by helping them gain access to social support and employment opportunities so that they are able to support themselves financially. We support women promoting and developing social entrepreneurship.

SisterWorks believes learning a skill, connecting with other women and sharing their experiences, will support women experiencing disadvantages and social isolation to shed their past and embrace opportunities in their communities and in their new homeland.

*Gender Indicators, Australia, Sep 2018.
Photo by Jon Tyson.

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