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Wina, Indonesia


Country of Origin: Indonesia
Ethnicity: Chinese Indonesian/ Taiwan

Program attended at Sisterworks:
Food preparation and Barista course and currently a Sisterworks Artist/maker
When did you arrive in Australia?
I arrived in Australia in 1986. My Mum and Dad migrated with their 4 kids looking for better opportunities, in particular with the Education system and a more stable political climate.
How did you find SisterWorks?
I found SisterWorks through their Food and Safety preparation course, which also included the Barista course. I wanted to step into the hospitality industry, wanting a change from retail industry. I love coffee so the Barista course was a major draw card! And I saw that this was a highly sought after skill in the hospitality industry.
How did SisterWorks help you?
The food prep/ Barista course enabled me to find Hospitality work. Providing a more stable source of income to fund my Creative freelance work. The flexibility of the hospitality industry provided the right fit, with my Creative freelance work.
What advice would you give women in the same situation as you?
I would like to share that in learning new industry related skills, like hospitality or in learning to sew. It can open up so many doors and pathways. And meeting a community of Women that were also craft makers, have been inspiring and gave me more motivation to succeed and Shine at what I do! Financial stability is important to fund Creative pursuits. Sisterworks provides for both outlets, teaching Women newfound industry related skills and the Creative Opportunities for the Sisters to showcase and sell their Craft.
What are your hopes for the future?
I would like to build my freelance career with being a graphic designer/illustrator and mural artist. I enjoy being a mural artist the most, as I see the value in Street Art making an invaluable community impact, in giving people inspiration, hope and a sense of Community Spirit. I enjoy designing homewares and would like to continue expanding my Artist Design range and continue creating Illustration Based Product designs. Selling them through a web shop and in stores.

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