Who we are

SisterWorks is a not-for-profit that exists to help women migrants, asylum seekers and refugees become financially independent and happily settled in Australia.

The social enterprise currently supports 171 women from 55 countries, including 88 ‘Entrepreneurs’ – who create and sell their wares from our Richmond ‘Home’ – with the remaining sisters supporting this effort behind the scenes.

Our Entrepreneurs also teach their skills to others through workshops and share their incredible stories through guest speaking opportunities.

We are funded through grants, generous donations, and a portion of the funds made through our activities.

How we do this

We foster those women with entrepreneurial ambitions, teach them skills, provide them a space to create and sell their wares, and the broader network of SisterWorks women supports them.

We firmly believe that ‘Work Empowers Women’. Therefore, rather than becoming beneficiaries, SisterWorks women become our business partners, and together we develop and sell marketable products with 50-75% of the profits going to individual Entrepreneurs and the remainder going back into supporting the broader group.

Why we do this

Ultimately, we do this to create a better future for Australian society.

Women with migrant, asylum seeker and refugee backgrounds are the community’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged newcomers. They face social isolation, domestic violence, long-term unemployment and dependence on government welfare.

We support women to support themselves.

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