Australia has been increasingly recognising the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workforce. Efforts have been made to create a more inclusive work environment and to increase the representation of women, including migrant and refugee women, in various industries.

Many Australian businesses recognise that migrant and refugee women bring diverse skills, talents, and experiences to the workforce, at SisterWorks we have a pool of women originating from over 50 countries. By integrating them into the labor market, colleagues of refugee employees feel enriched by the opportunity to give someone a chance to rebuild their lives while societies can tap into a broader talent pool, leading to increased productivity and economic growth.

Employing a migrant or refugee woman will:

  • Facilitate economic growth, empowerment and productivity for more migrant and refugee women in the community

  • Create a culturally diverse workplace that is inclusive and dynamic.

  • Meeting an organisations corporate social responsibilities goals.

  • Addressing labour market shortages in sectors where there is a demand for skilled workers.

  • Employment is a critical factor in the successful integration and social cohesion of migrants and refugees into the host society.

  • Breaking stereotypes and prejudices that migrant and refugee women often face in their new communities.

  • Reduced poverty and social support dependency easing the burden on welfare services and benefits the overall economy.

  • Skills development and knowledge transfer by integrating migrant and refugee women into the workforce

  • Improved mental health and well-being as being employed can have positive effects on mental health, providing a sense of purpose, belonging, and accomplishment.

SisterWorks Approach

We provide a 360 integrated approach to empowering our women to enter the workforce, starting with a full vocational training through our programs to get them job ready by our women through the application and interview process within the specified sector while our training informs them about working in Australia.

We work in collaboration with our employment partners and handpick candidates from our completed programs that fit your criteria while ensuring a safe cultural environment for our women.

UN Women can assist employers with building their Gender Equity and Inclusive practices via the Women’s Empowerment Principles.

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Together, we can create positive change and make a lasting difference in the lives of women from migrant and refugee backgrounds.