At SisterWorks, we understand that every business is unique, and we are committed to tailoring our partnerships to meet your company's specific goals and objectives. Here are some ways your organisation can get involved:

Corporate Sponsorship and Employee Engagement Programs

Corporate Sponsorship

One of the most common ways to partner with SisterWorks is through corporate sponsorship. Your organisation can provide financial support to SisterWorks, which will help expand our programs, reach more women, and create a positive social impact.

Volunteer Day and Skills Sharing

SisterWorks has a unique full day experience for organisations for their employees to spend a day at SisterWorks. This encourages your employees to volunteer their time and expertise to support SisterWorks' initiatives, engage with our Sisters across our Social Enterprise, Crafted Culture right to our Vocational Programs. Employees can help with skills training, business mentoring, production capabilities or other areas where they can add value. This not only helps our Sisters but also fosters a sense of corporate social responsibility within the organisation.

Promotional Events and Fundraisers

Corporates can host promotional events or fundraisers on behalf of SisterWorks. These events can help raise awareness around SisterWorks mission and generate funds to support our initiatives. Corporate events also offer an opportunity for networking and building partnerships with other businesses and potential supporters for SisterWorks.

Workplace Pop Up Markets

SisterWorks can set up pop-up shops at your organisations premises and/or events. This gives our Sisters direct access to potential customers and provides your employees with an opportunity to learn more about our impact while empowering our Sisters by providing them with opportunities to earn an income.

Corporate Gifting and Merchandising

SisterWorks can collaborate with organisations that are interested in incorporating socially responsible and handmade products into their corporate or merchandise programs. These partnerships could involve creating custom-designed products or incorporating existing SisterWorks products into corporate gift catalogues or gift hampers for employees and your organisations customers.

Corporate Workshops

SisterWorks can partner with organisations to organize events, workshops, or team-building activities where employees can learn from the our Sisters who are artisans, create products, or participate in crafting experiences. This can help raise awareness about SisterWorks' mission and generate support from the corporate community while encouraging team building and employee engagement.

Corporate Events and Conferences

We offer customisable event gifting solutions using ethically and locally made goods, all produced in Victoria by our Sisters. All our goods can be shipped nationally, and bulk discounts are available.

This includes:

  • Corporate Gift Catalogue - Customised and tailored to meet your budget.

  • Conference Supplies - High-quality, cost-efficient conference accessories and bespoke products.

  • Corporate branded merchandise to promote your business.

Current Partners include:

Get in Touch

If you are interested in exploring a corporate partnership with SisterWorks or would like more information about our organisation and initiatives, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Together, we can create positive change and make a lasting difference in the lives of women from migrant and refugee backgrounds.