Collaboration Projects

Collaboration Projects

At SisterWorks we have the ongoing pleasure of collaborating with community organisations, city councils, social enterprises, clothing and goods manufacturers, and not-for-profits who support our mission and values, and uphold our commitment to produce ethical and sustainable products. 

We believe that strong partnerships create a joint sense of community and purpose, and through such efforts we can achieve our collective goals.

Our Partners

City of Melbourne

Ever wondered what happens to event banners or flags following the completion of an event? They get upcycled of course! 

SisterWorks has partnered with the City of Melbourne to upcycle Melbourne event banners into a range of unique and stylish bags.

After its successful run at Her Majesty’s Theatre, the flags used for promoting Charlie and the Chocolate Factory were upcycled into shopping bags, and sold in retail stores. SisterWorks produced over 600 reusable bags through this sustainable collaboration. 

This partnership gave many migrant women at SisterWorks the opportunity to actively participate in the sewing program, and to become confident and economically empowered.

REDUCE landfills, RECYCLE & CREATE sustainably.

 Humanitarian Advisory Group

The Humanitarian Advisory Group is an ethically driven business that combines humanitarian passion with entrepreneurial agility and innovation. Their work includes research, collaboration, training, and providing advice to support hard-working teams on the ground to improve humanitarian action with new perspectives and networks. 

SisterWorks collaborated with the Humanitarian Advisory Group to provide them with reusable cloth bags customised with their business logo.


As a designer of adventure gear and apparel for over 30 years, Kathmandu is committed to maintaining the highest standards of sustainability to protect the environment, and empower communities across the world. Their efforts include using 100% sustainable cotton, harnessing solar energy, saving water by using solution-dyed polyester, and demonstrating work-place inclusivity and diversity.   

SisterWorks and Kathmandu have partnered in a waste reduction project that brings together our shared values of sustainability and empowering local communities. 

Advertising banners often go to landfills when the marketing campaign is over. Seeking to reduce waste, Kathmandu and SisterWorks teamed up to find a creative solution in recycling the banners. Both teams decided on upcycling the banners into eco-friendly and stylish tote bags.

Kathmandu has engaged five Sisters in the project, Ada, Claudia, Anita, Co Thuy, and Amira. This upcycling project has given our Sisters the chance to learn product design, new practical sewing skills, and to earn an income.  

Each tote bag is as unique and individual as the Sister who made it! Each environmentally conscious purchase of these beautiful tote bags is a statement of supporting the disadvantaged migrant women in our community.


This Brunswick based atelier is taking positive action towards transforming the fashion industry, by empowering people through education and self-advocacy, and using the most responsible natural or water based materials to craft beautiful wares with local craftswomen.

Their Sisterly Collection is a collaboration with SisterWorks to produce reusable totes and pouches. A new collaboration with SisterWorks’ talented sewer Amira is currently in the works, having previously worked with her to produce a collection of dust bags that protect all Simetrie leather pieces. 

If you’re interested to collaborate with us, please complete the Contact form below and we will be in touch.

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