For Employers

Many Australian businesses are realising the benefits of proactively engaging with migrant and refugee women by supporting pathways to meaningful, long-term employment.  

Our women originate from over 50 countries around the world and bring a wealth of work and personal experience to a workplace.


Why employ a migrant/refugee woman?

  • Facilitate economic empowerment for migrant and refugee women
  • Create a culturally diverse workplace that is inclusive and dynamic
  • Access to a labor force of job-ready and talented women
  • Closing the skills gaps
  • Higher retention rates
  • Meet corporate social responsibilities

Our Approach

We consult with employers and handpick candidates from our database of migrant and refugee women. We support our women and the employer through a transition phase until both are settled and a solid work relationship established. 

UN Women can assist employers with building their Gender Equity and Inclusive practices via the Women’s Empowerment Principles –


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