For Employers

For Employers


Many Australian businesses are realising the benefits of proactively engaging with migrant and refugee women by supporting pathways to meaningful and long-term employment.  

Our women originate from over 50 countries around the world and bring a wealth of work and personal experience to the workplace.

Why employ a migrant/refugee woman?

Employment is a vital part of refugees and migrants becoming self-reliant and building a future for themselves and their families. Integrating refugees into our workforce builds social cohesion, and enriches our economy. Companies with more diverse workforces perform better, and people from a refugee background bring cultural knowledge, skills, and know-how that can give you a competitive advantage. Colleagues of refugee employees feel enriched by the opportunity to give someone a chance to rebuild their lives.

Employing a migrant or refugee woman will:

  • Facilitate economic empowerment for more migrant and refugee women in the community;
  • Create a culturally diverse workplace that is inclusive and dynamic;
  • Grant you access to a labor force of job-ready and talented women;
  • Close the skills gaps;
  • Encourage higher retention rates;
  • Meet corporate social responsibilities.
SisterWorks Approach

We consult with employers and handpick candidates from our database of migrant and refugee women. We support our women through the application and interview process and provide workshops that inform Sisters about working in Australia.

UN Women can assist employers with building their Gender Equity and Inclusive practices via the Women’s Empowerment Principles

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