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Inspirational Videos

Inspirational Videos

SisterWorks in collaboration with UN Women’s Second Chance Education (SCE) Program, are creating a series of videos of the Sisters and Mentors which seek to inspire, encourage and educate migrant, asylum seeker and refugee women within our community in Australia.

SisterWorks Mentors work side-by-side with Sisters to provide them with emotional support, guidance, and assistance planning their career goals and future educational or employment pathways. The Sisters in turn provide a refreshing and unique perspective to the Mentors, as they share their personal stories and dreams, creating a meaningful partnership built on mutual trust, understanding and motivation. 

In these videos, you will hear the Mentors speak about their aspirations, their experience working with the Sisters, and how listening to the Sisters has made them understand the unique circumstances which affect migrant women. The Sisters will share their personal stories including the challenges they overcame, their experience with SisterWorks, and what they have learnt along the way.

Purpose of the videos

It is widely recognised in the SCE program that actual and potential beneficiaries are sorely in need of resources that reflect their own lives, stories and experiences. The impact of inspirational videos featuring beneficiaries, who can talk about their own journey and successes, could be considerable in giving other women the confidence to pursue their own ‘second chance’. 

Similarly, videos that allow for ‘mentoring at scale’ could be highly impactful, with experienced women giving practical advice and encouragement to other women around the common challenges they face.


The personal story and mentor videos therefore have two purposes:

  • To inspire women to join or stay in the SCE program by showing how women ‘just like them’ have benefited from it and overcome obstacles, and 

  • To feed into the SCE social media campaign that aims to raise awareness of the need for second chance education opportunities for women and to appeal for public support for social and attitudinal change.

Audiences will understand that the partnership between Sisters and Mentors is one that is built on sustained and open communication, respect, and a willingness to learn from each other. 

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