Zena Lythgo
Zena Lythgo

Board Member

Zena Lythgo (She/Her), Australia

Zena has been part of the SisterWorks family since 2014. She started as a Design Lab volunteer one day a week, when SisterWorks was operating from donated community spaces. Zena then went on to be SisterWorks’ first staff member, alongside Founder Luz, and was hands-on in many different roles at SisterWorks during those initial start-up years. Working alongside the inspiring Sisters, and supporting them to build their own businesses, gave Zena the confidence to grow her side hustle, as a marriage and funeral celebrant, into a full-time business. Zena has continued to volunteer at SisterWorks as a design mentor with Petronia, a board member and as a friend to many at SisterWorks.

The social enterprise principles Zena learnt at SisterWorks have allowed her to incorporate a social enterprise component into her own business. Zena Co-founded I Do Drive Thru, an Australia wide elopement business, in 2020 as the wedding industry had to adapt to lock down challenges across the country.

Recently, she has joined Picaluna as a Funeral Director and Celebrant; a funeral company who chose SisterWorks as one of their charity partners.

As Zena started off as a volunteer in the first year of SisterWorks' origin, she understands the motivation and passion of the Sisters. Zena supports the message and purpose of the organisation and ensures this is front-of-mind for the Board.

"There is undeniably something special about being a part of a big community of women working together to learn, support each other, share each other’s cultures and continue to grow. SisterWorks is a family and a place filled with heart; it’s hard not to be impacted, inspired and touched by the unique magic it holds. I am so glad to have this beautiful influence in my life."