Nhi Tran
Nhi Tran

Head of Social Enterprise

Nhi Tran (She/Her), France/Vietnam

Born French into a family with a Vietnamese refugee background, Nhi grew up in a diverse cultural environment in Southern France. As her parents owned a business, she developed a natural connection with clients and decided to pursue her study in Business, Negotiations & Clients Relations.

Her professional journey began in the cinema industry at the age of 20 where she was an Operations Manager for 4 years. From the get-go, she was given important responsibilities and learned how to work under pressure while managing a team of 12 people.

She then worked for 3 years in Vietnam as a Sales Consultant for a luxury travel agency — a journey that brought her closer to her cultural roots — before moving to Australia in October 2017.

She joined SisterWorks as a volunteer in January 2019 while barely speaking English. SisterWorks offered her the first significant job opportunity in Australia. Over time, she progressed through multiple roles within the organisation, moving from Sales Manager to Business Manager and eventually assuming the role of Head of Social Enterprise. In this position, she provides strategic leadership and oversees all aspects of the Social Enterprise operations.

"SisterWorks holds a special place in my heart as a migrant woman in Australia; it's my second family. I feel humbled and deeply inspired by the women we empower. They uplift me, motivating me to strive not only to give my best but to surpass myself every day."