Tania Lewis
Tania Lewis

Chief Operating Officer

Tania Lewis (She/Her), Australia

Tania is a member of Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand (CA ANZ) with 15 years of audit experience with PwC in Australia (Melbourne and FNQ) and overseas (Germany, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand). While her training passion is all things accounting (yes, really), her enduring role (over 20 years) as an assurance professional in a variety of industries provided her a solid foundation of knowledge and experience in business processes, corporate oversight and governance. All of which makes her the ideal person to oversee SisterWorks’ day to day administrative and operational functions and establish policy and procedures.

Tania is a self confessed ‘doer’ and her commitment to ‘doing for others’ led her to SisterWorks as a volunteer in 2019. Little did she know, this would lead her to make the move from her corporate  career, to her current role two years later.

Born in Melbourne to parents of Swiss/German descent, Tania acknowledges it was the perseverance of her own hard working migrant parents which forged the opportunities she has had growing up in Melbourne. She is humbled to be able to pay forward the knowledge they helped impart, to those who find themselves facing similar barriers and challenges that her parents did.

“What I bring with me to work every day is compassion, the patience to hear someone’s story and the willingness to share my experiences, knowledge and networks. For the women who join our programs, SisterWorks is a new lifeline, a connection to community in a strange country which can be the difference between despair and hope. It is such a joy and privilege to be part of our Sisters’ journeys.”