Fernanda Rodriguez
Fernanda Rodriguez

Graphic Designer and Product Lead

Fernanda Rodriguez (She/Her), Mexico

As the Graphic Designer and Product Lead for Social Enterprise, Fernanda creates graphics and visuals for SisterWorks Label products and custom projects for our clients. She is also involved in product development to bring new products to SisterWorks catalogue and manages stock and fulfils all corporate, wholesale and online orders.

Born in Mexico, Fernanda grew up watching her parents helping other people selflessly and it is something that has been imprinted on her mind and that helped shape the person she is today. Passionate about creating, Fernanda studied a Bachelor of Industrial Design in Mexico which then allowed her to take part in an exchange here in Australia in 2016. After falling in love with the country, she decided to come back in 2018 to live permanently. During her studies she realised she developed an interest for social design and decided she would like to pursue something related to that in the future. Besides having an interest in social design she also has a passion for toy design and designing for kids.

Years later, COVID changed the course of her career and she found a safe space at SisterWorks, where she started as an Entrepreneur and where she got help on her journey of starting her own business, Bot Workshop. This has allowed her to pursue her toy design passion, by creating unique characters that will become kids’ companions and making long lasting products that kids can cherish forever.

From the moment she joined SisterWorks, she loved their purpose and as a migrant woman. She could see how important an organisation like SisterWorks was, and how much of an impact it can have on so many lives, as something she has lived by herself. She decided she wanted to be more involved and then took part in the Production area which finally led to a position as a Graphic Designer and later on adding Product Lead.

Working for SisterWorks has brought her back to that path of social design she found during her studies. She hopes to dive deeper into the works of Social Enterprises and continue to help other people, communicating SisterWorks values and creating things with meaning beyond their aesthetic appeal.

"I love being able to see the impact that SisterWorks has on the life of a migrant woman. I’m happy that I can use my skills to provide support to other women and to help achieve SisterWorks goals."