Manaka Kikuchi
Manaka Kikuchi

Production Manager

Manaka Kikuchi (She/Her), Japan

Manaka migrated from Japan to Australia at the age of 9. She found out about SisterWorks through a volunteer opportunity for a Food Production Assistant after graduating from Victoria University with a Degree in Applied Science where she focused on food science and food service.

She initially volunteered as Food Tastings Coordinator, then she was hired as a Retail Lead, moved to being the Production Lead and is currently SisterWorks Production Manager. Before working at SisterWorks she has worked in hospitality and this is her first career role relating to her degree.

She has been involved in the development of many SisterWorks branded products including candles, sauces, jams, marinades, teas, lanyards and many textile products. Her science background brings important skills to her role, particularly in the development of our delicious food products, ensuring quality and safety in their development and manufacture.

She is an exceedingly organised and kind individual. The Sisters who work in production are taught and managed by Manaka with clear communication, giving them valuable work place experience.

Manaka also runs her own business ‘Mana’ where she primarily makes origami jewellery. Being part of SisterWorks has given her valuable experience in growing her own business, especially being around other gifted entrepreneurs.

"I love working at SisterWorks because at the beginning of my journey, for the first time in my life I felt like I found a place that I can belong. Not only do I get to learn and experience different cultures, interact with many people, learn new skills and self development, at SisterWorks, you can be yourself without fear of judgement and supporting Sisters gives me a sense of joy."