Alexandra Elizabeth Villacis
Alexandra Elizabeth Villacis

Junior Accounting Assistant

Alexandra Elizabeth Villacis (She/Her), Ecuador

Elizabeth came to Australia 19 years ago with her family. She has a bachelor degree in Accounting. In Ecuador she worked as a bank teller for 6 years and then decided to move to Australia for a better future.

When Elizabeth came to Australia, she continued studying Accounting. After completing her studies, she tried to find a job but was told every time that she needed experience. During this time, she have been blessed with her second child and she decided to focus on raising them. Now they have grown up, Elizabeth felt it was time to get out of her comfort zone to look for a job.

Without experience and many years of not working, she decided to challenge herself and applied for jobs online. Elizabeth secured a job with Census where she met a friend who introduced her to SisterWorks.

Since joining SisterWorks she enjoys working and learning new skills. She is very grateful for all support that SisterWorks has given her and for all the people she meets from different backgrounds.

She is very proud to be part of SisterWorks.

"Coming to work gives me a purpose, brings me happiness and the joy of learning something new. I love working at SisterWorks because of the Multicultural environment that shares the same Vision and Mission."