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Pop-Up Shops & Markets

Pop-Up Shops & Markets

SisterWorks Pop-Up Shops are a fantastic way to learn about the ethically and handmade products by our Sisters.

Unique, ethical and handmade products

We are fortunate to work with Sisters from diverse cultural backgrounds, and are pleased to have a unique collection of products that reflect the women’s personal heritage.

Additionally, we have an array of eco-friendly and handmade products suitable for personal care, kitchenware, homeware, and gifts all of which financially support women of asylum seeker, migrant and refugee backgrounds.


Through our unique model ‘Work Empowers Women’, the women at SisterWorks become our business partners. We collaboratively develop and sell marketable products with 50% – 75% of all profits directed towards the Sisters, while the remainder goes to SisterWorks for reinvestment into our skills training programs.

Pop-Up Shops provide the Sisters a unique opportunity to present their products and develop skills while interacting with the public. 

Our Pop-Up Shops are free of cost, so all we require is a good space for our Sisters and the public to engage.

Attendees gain a first-hand insight into the Sisters work, their skills and personal experiences.

SisterWorks’ Markets are an exciting opportunity to view our entire catalogue of ethically produced products, while being curated to fit special occasions.

These markets can be customised to fit your corporate events, while showcasing our exclusive range of sustainable and multicultural products.

Book us for your next exciting pop-up showcase or unique market experience!

Pop-Up Shop & Market Enquiry
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