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SisterWorks Vocational Hospitality Program

This program is specifically designed for migrant and refugee women, helping you develop the skills to get a job in a cafe or restaurant. 

 Duration:  9-week course, 1 day per week, in Abbotsford (Wednesdays)

                  9-week course, 1 day per week, in Bendigo (Thursdays)

                   9-week course, 1 day per week, in Dandenong (Fridays)

 Start Date: 4th October 2023 (Abbotsford)

                   7th October 2023 (Bendigo)

                   6th October 2023 (Dandenong)

 Time:         10:00am-2:30pm ( Abbotsford)

                   10:00am-2:30pm (Bendigo)

                    10:00am-2:30pm (Dandenong)



Abbotsford Hub

375-377 Johnston Street, 

Abbotsford VIC 3067

 Google map


Bendigo Hub

45 Mundy Street, 

Bendigo VIC 3550

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Dandenong Hub

205 Thomas Street, 

Dandenong VIC 3175

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Why Attend This Program?

1. Employment in Industry

  • Be prepared to meet the growing demand for job-ready kitchen hands, waiting staff and baristas
  • Secure part-time or full-time jobs through the SisterWorks employment support team

 2. Join the SisterWorks Production Team

  • Become a part of the SisterWorks Social Enterprise production team
  • Get paid to produce SisterWorks’ jams, pickles and other food products

3. Develop Your Own Food Business

  • Join the SisterWorks Entrepreneur Program to develop your own brand of food products to sell
  • Access small business mentoring

Contact Us

New to SisterWorks? Register here

EMAIL: registration@sisterworks.org.au

PHONE or WHATSAPP: +61 415 509 603 (Abbotsford) 

PHONE OR WHATSAPP: +61 406 429 960 (Bendigo) 

PHONE OR WHATSAPP: +61 452 528 287 or +61 493294 596 (Dandenong) 

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