Here are some key reasons to consider a corporate partnership with SisterWorks:

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Partnering with SisterWorks aligns with organisations CSR initiatives, demonstrating a commitment to social and community development. Supporting a cause like empowering migrant and refugee women can enhance an organisations reputation and create positive brand associations among customers, employees, and stakeholders.

Social Procurement

A social procurement partnership with SisterWorks involves incorporating our products or services into the supply chain of your businesses. Instead of solely focusing on the traditional aspects of procurement (cost, quality, and delivery), social procurement aims to also consider the social and environmental benefits of the purchasing decisions. Supporting SisterWorks through procurement creates a positive social impact, as it helps break the cycle of disadvantage and promotes diversity and inclusion while demonstrating your commitment to your CSR initiatives.

Diverse and Inclusive Workforce

By supporting SisterWorks, organisations can contribute to fostering diversity and inclusivity within their own workforce. Collaborating with an organisation that focuses on empowering women from diverse backgrounds can inspire corporate employees and promote a more inclusive company culture.

Community Engagement

Working with SisterWorks enables corporates to actively engage with local communities, particularly those comprising migrant and refugee populations. Building strong community ties can foster goodwill, support local economic growth, and encourage community involvement in corporate initiatives.

Employee Engagement and Volunteering

Corporates can encourage their employees to volunteer with SisterWorks, which can lead to increased employee satisfaction and motivation. Engaging employees in social causes they care about can also boost team morale and strengthen the sense of purpose within the organization.

Access to Unique Products and Services

SisterWorks Social Enterprise, Crafted Culture helps our women create and sell handmade products, ranging from crafts to food items. Organisations can explore partnerships to incorporate these products into their supply chains, gift programs, or even as part of corporate events or conferences, showcasing unique and socially responsible offerings.

Public Relations and Media Opportunities

Collaborating with a well-known social enterprise like SisterWorks can attract media attention and generate positive publicity for the corporate partner. This exposure can highlight the company's commitment to social causes and create opportunities for media features, interviews, and press releases.

Get in Touch

If you are interested in exploring a corporate partnership with SisterWorks or would like more information about our organization and initiatives, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Together, we can create positive change and make a lasting difference in the lives of women from migrant and refugee backgrounds.