Beverly Balboa
Beverly Balboa

Employment Support Coordinator

Beverly Balboa (She/Her), Philippines

Beverly is an employment support coordinator who assists the sisters in becoming job-ready and supports them based on their goals, needs, and circumstances.

Before moving to Australia in March 2020, Beverly formerly held a position in the finance and administration department in one of the most prestigious international event organising companies in the Philippines.

She struggled to find employment because she arrived during the pandemic and had non-transferable qualifications. So she started working in food manufacturing which is crucial during a pandemic.

In April 2023, Beverly visited the Hub to look into courses and the volunteer programme, which marked the beginning of her involvement with SisterWorks. She started with a volunteer role as an administrative assistant and volunteer coordinator.

While working at SisterWorks, Beverly admires the diversity of women from different cultures and backgrounds. She deems it a privilege to assist the sisters in any way possible, and knowing that she will be making a difference gives her life purpose and meaning.