Frances Donnellan
Frances Donnellan

SisterWorks Food and Beverage Supervisor

Frances Donnellan (She/Her), Philippines

Before leaving the Philippines, Frances was halfway through her degree in tourism management and then moved to Melbourne and found herself working in the Hospitality industry from back to front-of-house. She did her diploma and an advanced diploma in public relations, then deciding International Studies for her bachelor’s degree.

She did a placement at SisterWorks in 2020 for her degree and only had to do it for 3-4 months. She ended up staying as a volunteer and found her passion in helping women and migrant people. She has reflected a lot on my journey as a migrant. Even being part Australian, it was tough moving to Australia, and she wants to be that person to make it a little less hard for our Sisters.

She has discovered her passion for social entrepreneurship and confidence in her role - which has grown from 9 years of experience in the hospitality industry and working closely with our entrepreneurial Sisters.

“Knowing that I can become a friend and a mentor to our Sisters that come to our doors motivates me everyday. I believe the care and support that I give is very important and powerful in making them resilient in starting a new chapter of their lives in Australia.”