Helena Vitorino
Helena Vitorino

Data and Reporting Officer

Helena Vitorino (She/Her), Brazil

Helena was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She completed a Master's in Human Rights and Corporate Responsibility, and has worked for the financial, medical and hospitality industry, before joining SisterWorks as a Data and Reporting Officer.

She was always passionate about human rights of vulnerable populations, and her Master's dissertation focused on the challenges faced by refugees in Europe during Ukraine's invasion in 2022. The same year, she moved to Germany, in order to better understand the humanitarian implications generated by the conflict.

Helena is a proud backpacker, having lived and visited several countries. Apart from travelling, she loves writing and has contributed  extensively publishing for non-for-profit feminist and humanitarian organizations as a volunteer. 

As a migrant woman, I deeply understand the challenges of living in a foreign land. At SisterWorks, I feel inspired to dedicate my work to empower women with a similar background, and together build something meaningful, powerful and transformative for the world.