Moco Keung
Moco Keung

Business Analyst

Moco Keung (He/Him), Hong Kong

Moco Keung brings years of expertise as a product lead and project manager within the banking and tech industries. His comprehensive knowledge of the entire product delivery cycle, coupled with a proven track record in executing diverse projects, showcases his capability. His experience in the tech industry has honed his understanding of the pivotal role technological advancements play in enhancing organizational efficiency and effectiveness. Motivated by a commitment to initiate systemic improvements, Moco is dedicated to contributing positively to SisterWorks.

Originally from China and having moved to Hong Kong during his childhood, Moco experienced first-hand the challenges of learning new languages and adapting to diverse cultures. This personal journey underscored for him the vital importance of support when navigating unfamiliar environments. Moco initially joined SisterWorks as a volunteer, seeking to leverage his background and skills in a meaningful way. Through his volunteer work, he was profoundly influenced by the dedication and passion he witnessed, Moco has since advanced to a Business Analyst role at SisterWorks, continuing to impact positively.

“I witnessed the organisation’s dedication to empowering women through structured, systematic approach, I aspire that my knowledge and enthusiasm for technology can boost the operational efficiency and amplify the transformative impact SisterWorks has on our sisters' lives."