Sabrina Tang
Sabrina Tang

IT Manager

Sabrina Tang (She/Her), China

Sabrina, originally from China, is the IT Manager at SisterWorks. Having completed her Master's in Information and System Technology at the University of Tasmania in Australia, Sabrina is dedicated to providing technical support and ensuring the optimal performance and security of SisterWorks’ IT systems. Her focus also lies in safeguarding SisterWorks' IT assets against security threats through robust measures and regular audits.

Sabrina finds working  immense fulfilment working at SisterWorks, witnessing the impactful and empowering support to migrant, refugee, and asylum-seeking women. The culture at SisterWorks resonates deeply with her, and she takes great pride in being part of such a meaningful team.

"I cherish working at SisterWorks as it allows me to contribute to a cause close to my heart. Empowering women from diverse backgrounds, fostering confidence, and supporting their well-being is truly rewarding. Being part of this inspiring journey fills me with gratitude and pride every day."