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Empowerment Hubs

Empowerment Hub

Our Empowerment Hubs deliver face-to-face and online training opportunities which target key development areas for newly arrived migrant, refugee and asylum seeker women.


The aim of the Empowerment Hubs training is to equip the women with practical skills that allow them to adjust to their new life in Australia, while also providing them with the essential skills required to enhance their economic self-sufficiency, through employment or entrepreneurship opportunities.

The Hubs are built on SisterWorks model of Work Empowers Women which brings together three key elements: Learning by Doing- Community- Financial Incentives.

This model fosters a sense of independence, and provides opportunities to develop pathways to education, employment, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

SisterWorks has Empowerment Hubs in Richmond and Bendigo, and a satellite hub in Dandenong, all of which provide training to women from varied backgrounds and personal experiences.

The Hubs are a source of comfort to the women as it provides them with a safe and nurturing space to learn, network, and build their own connections for emotional support.


The Empowerment Hub offers a variety of training courses and activities to enhance the Sisters skill development and their sense of belonging in the community. The courses are designed keeping in mind the Sisters varying degrees of knowledge and language capabilities. 

Their allocation into the activities depends on their personal preferences and future plans. 

Our Sisters can choose from the following courses:

  • Sewing Program: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Crochet Program: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Hand stitching Program: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Food Handling certificate course: Official training course with an RTO
  • Well-being classes: Group Counselling, Yoga and Music therapy
  • Conversational English Program 
  • Basic Computer Literacy Program

Initial Assessment and Course Progression

Sisters who join SisterWorks go through an initial assessment by the Empowerment Hubs. This allows us to assess what types of activities or pathways would be best suited for each Sister, depending on their existing knowledge, skill set, and personal interest in the activity.

Sisters receive various skills development programs at the Employment Hubs. After graduating some programs, Sisters may be invited to join SisterWorks in-house production. When a Sister expresses an interest in further pathways, employment, education or entrepreneurship, she is allocated a Pathways programs accordingly. 

The classes are designed to equip the Sisters with beneficial technical skills that can be used beyond their time with SisterWorks. The goal is to provide them a practical and workable foundation for the present, upon which they can rebuild their future in Australia.

Educational Videos

The multimedia educational videos complement the training content and have proved to be an effective method of conveying the topics in a simple and interactive manner.

The videos contain large sized subtitles, with slow-paced voice overs to aide their comprehension of the topic, and to slowly develop their English skills. It is vital to ensure that the videos are of a high standard with quality content of good practical use, and most importantly, convey the content in a simplified manner, mindful of the Sisters varying degrees of knowledge and language capabilities.

Contact us if you would like to join these classes or make an enquiry.

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