Ifrin Fittock, Indonesia

Ifrin Fittock, Indonesia

Deputy CEO | Head of Social Enterprise

Ifrin became the Head of Social Enterpirse of SisterWorks in 2021. Prior to that was the Chief Operating Officer for many years. With all her career spent in corporate and consulting, she was introduced to the not-for-profit SisterWorks during her sabbatical as a stay-home mum looking after 3 young daughters. Starting as a volunteer, she soon realised SisterWorks mission to empower women resonated deeply with her upbringing and the way she wants to raise her daughters. Hooked by the cause, Ifrin started to implement Process and System improvements to scale SisterWorks.

In 4 years, SisterWorks has grown from 4 employees to 20, expanding its operations to Bendigo, launched a mobile hub, and secured a partnership with UN Women to deliver its Second Chance Education (SCE) and Vocational Learning Program.

Growing up in Indonesia as the eldest daughter of a Chinese migrant family, Ifrin understood and experienced the challenges of living in an adopted country. A career in consulting introduced her to life in Australia; the multifaceted life of the powerful, rich and famous. Hidden somewhere in the outer suburbs and occasionally appearing in the news, it took her a long time to see the reality of the life of the marginalised and disadvantaged. SisterWorks opened her horizons and her calling. Foregoing the glamorous life of consulting, she chose to focus on the impactful work of empowering women.

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