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Ifrin Fittock, Indonesia

Ifrin Fittock, Indonesia


Ifrin became the CEO of SisterWorks in 2021. Before that, she held several leadership positions in the organisation, including Head of Social Enterprise, Chief Operating Officer and Deputy CEO.  

Growing up in Indonesia as the eldest daughter in Chinese family, Ifrin understands from her own lived experience the challenges migrant women face. Her passion for empowering refugee, migrant and asylum seeker women is unsurpassable and underpins her leadership style.

After over 23 years in the glamorous world of consulting, Ifrin was introduced to SisterWorks during her sabbatical as a stay-home mum caring for three daughters. Starting her journey with the organisation as a volunteer, she quickly realised SisterWorks mission resonated deeply with her. Hooked by the cause, Ifrin never looked back.

Since Ifrin joined SisterWorks in 2018, she’s watched it grow from a small grassroots charity into the respected social enterprise it is today.

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