Dinali Dharmadasa
Dinali Dharmadasa

Bendigo Engagement Coordinator

Dinali Dharmadasa (She/Her), Sri Lanka

Dinali is the Engagement Coordinator of the Bendigo hub and is responsible for enhancing, building and maintaining relationships with partners, volunteers, sisters and other external stakeholders and to develop communication networks.

Before moving to Australia, Dinali worked as a dance teacher to primary school students for almost 10 years and is passionate about working with children. She currently teaches dance in Australia part time and is determined to continue her passion. Dinali has a bachelors in applied economics and a Masters in Project Management obtained with the intention of learning about how other aspects of business work.

Dinali first joined Sisterworks as a volunteer to gain work experience in Australia and soon became a team member. She was inspired by the moving stories shared by the sisters and was determined to be a part of the community to help as much as possible in any way she could. Dinali is motivated to work at Sisterworks as she finds the experience of helping others rewarding. The reward of being able to help make someone's day or even life a little easier is what drives her and she is inspired by the incredible stories of the Sisters.