Wanwei Zheng
Wanwei Zheng

Employment Support Coordinator

Wanwei Zheng (She/Her), China

Wanwei is the Employment Support Coordinator at SisterWorks, assisting migrant, refugee and asylum seeker women (SIsters) in finding suitable jobs in Australia. She was born in Guangzhou, China, and her first language is Cantonese. Her undergraduate studies and four years of work experience in China were in human resource management.

Wanwei initially came to Australia on a working holiday visa. She worked in various fields to earn enough money while finishing her Master's Degree in Human Resources Mangement and Personell Administration at Monash University. Following her studies, she became interested in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, such as Gender Equality, which aligns with SisterWorks' mission. This is one of the reasons she enjoys her job at SisterWorks.

“I enjoy the diverse culture at SisterWorks. With my studies and work experience I hope I am a good mentor to the Sisters.”