SisterWorks cooking program began and the organisation took important steps in expanding its administrative processes.

Cooking Program is Born

The cooking program is the predecessor to SisterWorks’ current hospitality program.  Held in a pro-bono commercial kitchen provided by the City of Yarra, SisterWorks ran the cooking program with the assistance of volunteers. Sisters were provided hands-on cooking experience and training which culminated in the development of cultural recipes and food handling certification. We still enjoy the SisterWorks jam and pickle product range which were developed here and are now sold in our shop. The program initiative not only allowed SisterWorks to share the delicious, traditional Sister recipes to the wider public, it was the impetus for starting to employ the graduates into food production. 

Introducing Inventory Management, Retail Pos & Barcoding Systems

SisterWorks began to invest in more sophisticated technologies to support the retail and markets operations.  Cin7 inventory management system was implemented allowing transparency and recording of real time stock movements, leading to better stock control, management and forecasting. A Point of Sale (POS) system and product barcodes were also introduced, improving efficiency in retail processing and minimising user errors.