In January, the ‘Hire Her’ tram made its first journey through Melbourne as part of Yarra Trams Community Partnerships Program.

The Hire Her campaign sought to broaden awareness of SisterWorks as a not-for-profit social enterprise and highlight our mission.

Upon its launch our CEO Ifrin Fittock said ‘Our vision is that migrant, refugee and asylum-seeking women, our Sisters, are economically empowered and can fully participate in the Australian workforce. We seek partners and pathways to employ our Sisters and support our training programs and are excited that our Yarra Trams campaign can help advocate for and help remove barriers in hiring migrants and refugees.’

Empowering our Sisters

As part of our commitment to highlight and economically empower women, SistersWorks campaign artwork was licensed from one of our Entrepreneur Sisters, Camila Paz, and features products made by five other Sisters in our Entrepreneurship and Business Mentor Program.

"The tram provided me with a lot of exposure and it was wonderful to feel and see the support of the Latin community. These designs feel like a huge achievement for not just myself but all migrant women. Many women have told me that my designs being displayed all over Melbourne has motivated more people to follow their dreams. I also believe in work even more than before and am very grateful for this experience." says Camilla.

Broader Impacts

The tram garnered significant attention for SisterWorks in the broader community in its travels across the network. On social media it received extensive coverage from partners, individuals and SisterWorks own social media accounts with a combined engagement rate of over 5,500 comments, likes and reposts across platforms. During the period the SisterWorks homepage featured the tram and was visited over 34,000 times. It also received media coverage in several publications. We still regularly hear from people about how they saw the tram and how much they loved it.

It has also helped SisterWorks secure new partnerships. We received several enquiries from people who saw the tram that have led to ongoing engagements. One of our regular catering clients came from an inquiry prompted by seeing the tram, and now their support provides invaluable opportunities for our Sisters to gain practical experience within the hospitality industry.

The Crafted Culture Brand X SisterWorks Campaign, which included the tram design, recently won Gold in the Melbourne Design Awards 2023. The design team was Principal Design who took Camilla’s art and integrated it with care and purpose into the tram wrap design. Although the tram project has been completed, the impact and artwork is still getting recognition.

Yarra Trams Support

This four month, public campaign was made possible through the Yarra Trams Community Partnership Program that provides in-kind advertising annually to community organisations that are committed to create a more sustainable and equitable Melbourne.

At the time of the launch Yarra Trams’ Acting CEO Adele McCarthy also celebrated the partnership, saying, “I’m incredibly proud to have SisterWorks as one of Yarra Trams’ community partners for 2023.

Keolis Downer is proud to have been operating Melbourne’s iconic tram network since 2009, and from the outset has been committed to contributing to our community, including supporting organisations that make Melbourne a more inclusive and welcoming city. SisterWorks is a stand-out organisation achieving this, and I can’t wait to work with them on their Hire Her campaign.”

Yarra Trams also engaged SisterWorks to translate the tram design onto coasters which were distributed as gifts at the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Keolis Downer Grand Prix Breakfast. This gave employment opportunities to SisterWorks who paid Sisters to package them and also further spread the word of the campaign.

Thank You

SisterWorks gives special thanks to Yarra Trams for its selection in the Yarra Trams Community Partnerships Program. We also thank our Entrepreneurial Sister Camila Paz (migrant from Chile) for her impressive, female-focused, vibrant, and colourful design and the work of Principle Design to capture its essence for our Yarra Trams campaign.