Meet our Sister Camilla who is an accomplished artist that has worked with SisterWorks on a number of exciting projects.

Country of Origin:


When did you arrive in Australia:

I came in 2017 wanting to travel and experience new things, I was on a working holiday. I only intended to stay for a year but I feel so secure here and I loved it so much.

How did you find Sisterworks:

I found out about SisterWorks through another Sister who is also my friend, she is still a part of SisterWorks too. I started selling my products in the store, including tea towels, cushions and tote bags that featured my art.

How did Sisterworks help you:

SisterWorks have given my art lots of exposure through opportunities to sell my work and displaying it. In particular, having my art featured on a #HireHer tram was amazing. When I first arrived in Melbourne I saw an art tram and thought “one day, that will be my art”, SisterWorks helped my dream come true. On the launch day, I caught the tram with a bunch of Sisters, I couldn't believe it, it was a surreal moment. Even now, people recognise my art from the tram and know who I am. I also would like to acknowledge Creative Victoria who gave me a grant to develop the original artwork that is displayed on the tram and was exhibited at Brunswick St Gallery.

What advice would you give a woman in the same situation as you:

I would say to try and connect with other women, especially if you're in Australia by yourself. Not just migrants, but other local women may know of an organisation, like SisterWorks, that can help you. I would also tell them to have trust in their dreams, and believe that they can achieve anything they put their mind to. My dream came true, and yours can too.

What are your hopes for the future:

I hope to create art that spreads the message of diversity and resilience and also empowering women. I am particularly interested in creating murals.

What has it been like to be part of the Sisterworks program:

Working with SisterWorks has been great, I have made lots of friends and love the sense of community.