City of Melbourne

Since 2020 SisterWorks and the City of Melbourne have been proud partners on the Banners to Bags Project. Working together to reduce waste and upcycle large event banners into tote bags to be resold to the public at Melbourne information centres.

About the project

The Banners to Bags Project upcycles the banners that were used to promote Melbourne’s Fashion Week, Writers Festival and many musicals and sent to SisterWorks where they are sewn into stylish bags! So far, the Project has:

  • Saved over 850m of banners from going into landfill

  • Created more than 2,000 bags available to the Melbourne community

  • Provided transferable skills and employment to 18 migrant and refugee women (Sisters)

The Project provides training and paid employment to Sisters with SisterWorks Social Enterprise to redesign and sew the banners. The bags promote sustainable tourism as souvenirs for Melbourne’s biggest events, and reduce land waste.

Partnership Impact

This project was especially crucial during COVID-19 lockdowns as we were able to provide financial opportunities to Sisters to make the bags from home.

One Sister who worked on the Project during the first wave of COVID-19 lockdowns stated “I joined SisterWorks in 2019 where I learned sewing. My first job is making City of Melbourne bags. I make money from making face masks and the shopping bags. I am happy to make money. Thank you SisterWorks”.

Become a SisterWorks Partner

If you are interested in becoming a SisterWorks partner we would love to hear from you. Just send an email to and we will be in contact to have a chat.