Meet our Sister Marynel who has taken part in several of our programs and works with our Social Enterprise Team.

Country of Origin:


Programs attended at Sisterworks:

  • Hospitality course

  • Small business course

  • Mentoring program

Why did you come to Australia and when?

I arrived in Australia with my husband and our 3-year- old boy in January 2014, my husband came to study and we were looking for better opportunities for our family because of the bad political and economic situation of Venezuela.

How did you find SisterWorks?

I saw a post from a Latin American Artist that I follow in Social media (instagram) where she mentioned Sisterworks as an organisation that support migrants women. For a couple of years I was feeling anxious, lonely, had low self esteem and I didnt feel like I was part of Australia. I realised that I was needing help and I started looking for opportunities to explore and decide to contact Sisterwork in June 2022 to do everything that they were offering.

How has SisterWorks helped you?

Sisterwork have giving me opportunities to explorer new skills, I did the hospitality program, small business course and got casual jobs in Production and at the Cafe. I have also enjoyed the mentoring program as well and it gave me the opportunity to participate in an artist contest to collaborate in the design of SisterWorks celebrating its 10 year Anniversary.

What advice would you give to women in the same situation as you?

I would say don’t stay alone, searching and looking for help, find a community that aligns with your beliefs or needs and try your best in anything you do and share your love.

What are your hopes for the future?

Now that I am more clear in my goals as an Artist I will be working on my Art, developing more skills and developing more ideas and personal projects.

What is it like working with SisterWorks as an entrepreneur and employee?

I love Sisterworks and I love the community every woman is just amazing and special. It is beautiful working with a meaningful purpose, it has fulfilled my soul. I have been enjoying it.